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Available Horses for Adoption or Onsite Lease

*Reggie- Broke to ride WTC under saddle, intermediate rider, not confident riding alone but does fine in a group. Was probably used as a follow trail horse. High headed, nice movement, smooth, easy gaits.

*Peanut- Pending Adoption- 5 year old registered ASB, owned by our family but available for placement. Broke to ride WTC, still green but could easily do hunters, dressage, or even lessons. He is very sweet and trusting, and super willing to please.

*Alana- mid 20’s ASB mare, on our Super Senior Program. Very game under saddle and does 5 gaits. Alana is pony sized. She does not maintain weight on just hay or pasture alone and currently eats 2 scoops of high fat, high fiber grain morning and night, Platinum Performance, Omega 3/6 fats, and alfalfa pellets to gain/maintain weight.

*Piper- 15 year old appendix/TB bay mare with history of trail riding, jumping, and being a child’s horse.

*Ruby- 10 year old registered AQHA mare, WTC under saddle. Was previously used as a therapy horse and would be a wonderful lesson horse for children.

*Pedro-ADOPTED- 11 year old palomino quarter pony, 14h. Does wtc under saddle and would be a wonderful beginner lesson or therapy horse. Sound.

*Benji- RIP-mid 20’s saddlebred gelding on our Super Senior (rigorous feeding for older horses) program to help him gain and maintain weight. He came in poor condition and is a very sweet and kind old man.

*Lil Jimmy- 8 year old ASB gelding, broke to ride and drive, ready for his new home. WT under saddle and looked to take a couple racky steps. Have not run his dna

*Tiny Tim- 2 year old ASB registered colt with wonderful bloodlines. He is currently less than pony sized at around 13.2 hands. Broke to lunge.

*Elvis- 10 year old ASB gelding, broke to ride and drive. Very gentle.

Taco-25 year old ASB gelding, on our Super Senior plan.

*Snoop- Approx 17-18 year old ASB gelding with an old fracture of the left front ankle. Moves decently on it and is able to run in the field, cause tomfoolery, and gives pony rides to kids! Big, stout horse who would be useful as an up down horse for tiny tots.

*Tucker- 7 year old ASB/poss DHH. No match on DNA, but Tucker is a high headed, leg waving, very fancy looking young man. He is suitable for an advanced rider and still needs to gain some weight as he is an obsessive wind sucker/cribber. We just got him a collar so we are hoping that will help him curb the habit.

*Jingo- Halflinger/Hackney pony, WTC under saddle.

*Delilah- 2 year old arabian mare, broke to lunge

*Callie- 17.1h TWH mare, broke to ride and possibly drive

*Elmo- Super Senior owned by our family

*Oscar (formerly Ritzy)– Green broke 6 year old ASB gelding, registered, ready to be finished under saddle and go to the horse show!

*Spirit- Senior but able to give 5 gaited lessons to even the smallest or most beginning riders

*Coco-RIP- 20+ standardbred mare, very spunky and full of life. Would love a home of her own with one or two other horses. Broke to ride and drive

*Elton – 13 year old ASB gelding, broke to ride and drive. Has an old thickening of the right hind ankle that he seems well adjusted to.

*Smooch- approx. 12 year old asb gelding. Ran DNA and no match. Very cute mover but still needs some weight before riding evaluation. 16h

*Mackie- 14.2h ASB/NSH gelding. Very sweet natured and we will get a riding eval done when weather clears up, was noted to ride and drive when we got him.

*Fabio- 14 year old, no clue what he is gelding. 14 hands, stout, easy keeper and broke to ride. He is way more whoa than go but he could possibly do some lessons.

*Rosie- 7 year old bay arabian mare. We have not run DNA. She is green broke to ride and would make a lovely Country pleasure or show hack horse

*Pokey – 9 year old arabian mare. Broke to ride but prefers to be ridden bitless. Still sort of green, but could go a variety of directions. This little mare has speed and could do barrels or games, or she could do some hunter or endurance work as well. 14h.

*Didi- Super Senior

*Diogi- Super Senior, owned by our family

*Roscoe- Almost a Super Senior and arrived too thin to evaluate, we are working to get his weight up. However, we got him because he is a very well broke unicorn, we hope he is up to weight for eval soon.

*Reina- approx. 13-16 year old ASB mare, just sent off DNA. Blind in right eye but broke to ride and has great motion.

*Lib= 7 year old registered AQHA mare with tons of professional training. Could go to a show for western or hunter under saddle and she would be insanely competitive. Lib also has extensive halter showmanship training. She prefers to live outside. Very easy keeper but requires an advanced handler for day to day jobs. Could have a less experienced rider to show her but can be a challenge when she is injured or needs vet care.

*Wilder- 15 year old ASB gelding, registered. Has a winning show record and could still be competitive with regular work. Wilder is all show horse and can be very snorty and looks through his bridle. He requires an intermediate to advanced rider and has a big show horse feel. 17h. Note: He would not be suitable to pull in from the field and take to a show because he doesn’t maintain decent topline condition with only sporadic work. He has given lessons for us in the past and everyone LOVES him.

*Ernie- Ernie is a game, pony sized, hard (but not impossible) to bridle registered ASB gelding. He would be a perfect WT eq mount for a tiny rider on a budget who has a capable trainer willing to work him from the ground only. Due to Ernie’s size and previous stress on his stifles from a life on the road, he CANNOT take a heavier rider than a small child and will become very body sore. Ernie is most successful when he lives outside and we long line or lunge him and then put his little rider up there. He is trained to canter from the middle as well. He may benefit from a BEMER blanket treatment or PEMF, we inject his hocks and stifles every 6 months.

*Mori- Mori is 7 years old and is an ASB/TB/potato mix, trained to WTC under saddle. Beginner safe and has a very odd personality. He will need a special home. He doesn’t do anything bad, per se, but he will run into things if we don’t steer him around them. He currently lives outside and is known for escaping fencing and other methods of containment. He is my favorite horse here and I will be VERY picky about where he goes.

*Bert- Super Senior

*Sapphire- Super Senior

*Harley- 20 year old, regal ASB gelding. Have not run his DNA due to age. Harley could still go to the horse show and win for CP driving or would be an amazing WT equitation horse. He has given beginner WT lessons and he is VERY fancy, easy headset and would probably love being someone’s partner again.

*Missy- 8 year old registered mare owned by our family. Available for purchase with contract, great bloodlines and has had one beautiful, long necked and fancy moving foal for us in 2017. Missy has been bridled and long lined.

*Prince- donated show horse available through our lease a show horse program or available for placement

*Jesse-3 year old arabian gelding, registered. Has worn a surcingle and is broke to lunge. Great shaddofax bloodlines. Would make a gorgeous halter or western horse

*Lucy- 5 year old registered ASB mare. We tried adopting out lucy several times, nobody ever followed through, then we adopted her ourselves, tried to place her in a show home, and they returned her through no fault of her own. She is a beginner safe horse, someone tried to rack her and I have been trying to fix that. Wonderful breeding. Rides and drives the best. I would consider placing her to a perfect home but she has already been let down so many times that it would take an act of congress to get me to consider a home because nobody has ever actually cared about Lucy.

*Nessie- Nessie is a pony sized Morgan mix with an axe to grind. Nessie makes up for what she lacks in size with a huge attitude.  She can be very sweet, and very salty.  She trots over level but needs some bridling and requires an advanced rider

*Stoney- Super Senior owned by our family*

**Angie- Angie is a POA mare who is ready to be broke to be a game childs roping, barrel, or jumper pony. We adore Big Ang and want her to have the best home!


Aspen – has rear hoof injury, will take several months to heal

Denton- still very thin, not yet available, approximately 20 years old